What Happened

I was given a scenario that if I could travel back in time, ‘Back to the Future’ style, what would I change about my FMP. I’m pleased with how my final film came out and the grade I got from it l but I don’t think there is a single director out there who thinks their film is perfect and for me, I think I can improve on my final piece.

So what can I change? Well let’s start in pre-production and move through the categories to post-production. Pre-production started out well but decreased as time went by. Organisation was a big part of pre-production and I wasn’t the best at it. I think I need to take more time and care into the script and shot list/storyboard to understand what and how I’m going to shoot each shot. Also I wished I made the story a bit shorter, maybe in the 8-12 minutes range as I think my film sort of dragged on a bit and I should of focused on short and cinematic films a bit more.

Production was frustrating at times. Some of the scenes had to take place at night which was a big mistake on my part. This meant later nights and of course it had to rain which meant multiple night shoots, 3 in one location and 1 in another. I think I’ll try and avoid night scenes as much as possible in the future because it was so hard and frustrating getting actors and trying to shoot with little to no light. I think in the future I should try to simplify the scenes and make it so I’m able to pull the shots I want off.

The main thing with post-production was I wanted to improve the colour correcting and grading. It was a last minute thing and I wanted more time to perfect the tone of the film because I rushed it and mainly copied and pasted presets to speed the process up. I’m happy with the results but I think if I dedicated more time into the grading, I could pull off a much better result.

The advice I would give myself at the start of the FMP project would be shortening the length of the film. Stick between 8-12 minutes long and avoid night time scenes as much as possible unless they are necessary to the story.

I think for this year’s FMP I’ll put more time in perfecting the script and planning the shots a lot better. I sort of rushed the storyboards and shot list so I didn’t put much thought into what I wanted. I’m also wanting to do more tests with colour grading so I can get a good grasp with what I want and how I can achieve the look I’m going for.

I think with the next FMP, I can improve and fix mistakes which I had with the last one. Let’s just hope I get a distinction on my film again.


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