Blog of the Week #1 – Guess Who’s Back

(Monday 12th September – Friday 16th September)

Guess who’s back, back again, College is back, tell a friend.

It’s been a long Summer but I have finally started my second year at Plymouth College of Art. The 11 weeks of Summer have come to an end and now I need to put everything I’ve got into the second year to get the best result I can possibly get. I have learned what I need to improve on from last year and how which I’ll keep in mind for this year.

We had a brief on our next project, Design to Sell, where we have to create a opening scene/title sequence, poster and a trailer for a feature film we aren’t going to make. This project will show us the different ways companies get their content out too their customers and which way is the most effective. I’m in a team of three and our idea so far is a Castaway type film but with some sort of creature or monster hunting down out protagonist.

We are also using WordPress for our blogs in the second year which is a big improvement from Tumblr as now we have more freedom and creative control with what our blogs look like.


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