Blog of the Week #2 -All hands on deck

(Monday 19th September – Friday 23rd September)

So this week we have begun research into the ‘Design to Sell’ and have started another project with a different lecturer, Pedro.

For design to sell we are researching different types of movie posters and how each one can represent the different genres in film. I will be uploading and publishing my analysis on the different posters soon and also showing off my poster for the film we are making. We are hopefully going for a Castaway type film but with some sort of secret/mystery or a monster. We won’t show the monster as that would just be too hard to pull off but hopefully with a lot of TLC we can make it as good as possible.

For Pedro’s project we are told to capture 10 seconds of sadness and happiness from 10 different people. We will be filming our group of four then finding 6 different strangers who are willing to be filmed. Hopefully we will get the right amount of people in the short amount of time we have.


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