Blog of the Week #3 – I get a bit wet

(Monday 26th September – Friday 30th September)

I didn’t enjoy this week. We started to shoot our ‘Design to Sell’ film which consists of an opening scene and a trailer for a full-length film idea. As I’ve said it is about a man being washed up onto an island and he must survive there until help arrives. But there is also a monster on the island and he must last as long as possible. It went back and forth but in the end, I became the actor meaning I must be the one that is washed up onto the beach. It was a very cold morning and I wanted to get it over and done with as soon as possible. The shoot lasted for around 2 hours and we tried to get all the shots we wanted for the opening scene. We weren’t worrying about the trailer yet as we wanted to get the opening scene done before moving on. Everything went smoothly as we were getting as much footage as possible so we have some freedom later in editing.

Editing the video was simple and easy with a few VFX shots which I’ll complete later. It’s a simple sequence with a man being washed up and no real complexity to it. The only difficult part of editing was the audio because we were shooting by the sea the audio kept changing for different shot so what I did was get a 5 minute audio track of the sea so the audio stayed the same. I changed the volume each time there was a cut depending on how far away the shot was from the sea.

I will now complete the VFX shots consisting of an explosion, smoke and removing foot prints in the sand. Hopefully it will be simple enough to do with research and tests.


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