Movie Posters

A poster is an advertising strategy to promote a film or TV series to show off characters and style/tone. Normally you would see a main character or an object to represent a plot point or the tone of the film and the poster I have chosen to use as an example is Mad Max: Fury Road.

This poster follows the ‘Z’ poster rule which I have demonstrated below. At the top is a tagline which can be, in this case, a quote from the film which can also be a slogan to tell the audience more about the film. Then there is an image of the main character, in this case Mad Max, and then there are a bunch of cars signifying Max is being chased by the main villain, the ‘Immortan Joe’. That image draws the readers eyes down to the main title of the film, cast and the date it is set to release.mad-max-fury-road-poster-fully-coloured

That is one of the main types of poster that are commonly used to promote films. Our poster follows the same rule as the poster above. The only difference is that the slogan and the title is switched round.


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