Video On Demand

Video on Demand is a service that online and TV providers use to let their audience catch up or stream shows they are watching. TV providers use On Demand as a catch up service like 4OD, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub etc. and online streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime etc. For most of these you’ll need to pay a monthly fee or obtain a TV license so the provider can confirm you are allowed to use their service. A lot of these companies try and find the most effective way for their customers to watch videos on their service and the best way for people to do that is if the service is on mobile and tablet. The study underneath shows that tablet is used to watch on demand services more than mobile. Even though tablet is used more than mobile to use on demand services, people like to use these devices because they are easy to use and able to watch when ever, where ever with ease.

A lot of these services have a target audience they want to please which is the age range that uses technology the most, 12 – 34 years of age. From 35 up, technology falls off which makes the On demand services loose interest and sticks in the age range that is popular with Youtube and Netflix. The length of the videos are also crucial because most people get bored while watching  videos. The picture below shows the average amount of time people tune into videos on YouTube, Podcasts, Ted Talk’s and Slideshares.


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