Title Sequences

A title sequence is an introduction to a film or TV series to show the viewer a brief over view of the style and, sometimes, the characters.  There are distinct differences between TV and film when it comes to title sequences and TV title sequences can range from 5 – 30 seconds long and can change depending when the episode is set like ‘The Walking Dead’ intro which shows different images and clips each season. The new HBO TV series Westworld is one of the longer sequences ending at the 1 minute 42 seconds mark but with this length, it works. It shows this mystery of what is being created in front of you and how it links in with the Western side of the story. With the awesome theme playing in the background it all adds up to be a very compelling opening sequence.

With film title sequences they can be shorter with just the title or it can be longer like the James Bond titles sequences which are famous for being very stylistic like Skyfall and Specture but one of the best is Casino Royale. With the song ‘You Know My Name’ performed by Chris Cornell, this introduction for Daniel Craig’s first Bond film really sticks into the head. It shows what type of violence that the new Bond films will have and show what the new Bond looks like.

An intro/title sequence that sticks in my head and makes me tap my feet every time I watch it is the opening title sequence of Reservoir Dogs. Back when this was filmed, Quentin Tarantino couldn’t afford a slow motion camera so he decided to have slow motion anyway but to have a choppy look to it which works as it shows how scrappy and cool looking this group is. They don’t all get along and that is shown with the low frame rate but somehow they all look cool together and Quentin Tarantino makes it work. Also with one of the best songs ever, ‘Little Green Bag’, it just sticks.


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