Social Action Project – Finding Inspiration

Image result for man bites dog

Last week we finished our design to sell project which was 6 weeks of manic writing, filming and editing so for the next couple of weeks we are being given smaller projects to calm down before starting our next big one and our final major project. This first small project is about taking inspiration from films like the tone, shot type, colour grading etc. I chose a short clip from a comedy called ‘Man Bites Dog’ which you can see below. It shows a murderer talking about how many rocks he needs to keep a body under water. When he demonstrates the body floats. It’s filmed in a small resolution in black and white which is the biggest element that sticks out to the viewer which gives it an interesting look. During the film, it has a dark tone with a man talking normally while standing over a dead corpse which adds this comedy element where you don’t know if you should laugh or not.

The password is ‘billy’.

Above is the film I made with Man Bites Dog in mind. I copied the black and white look and scaled the footage down to get the same layout as the short clip. I changed the sketch idea from the man failing to make a body stay underwater to talking about singing a song as he kills someone. It did take a lot of thinking to come up with the main idea but once that was locked down, filming was very simple with only two shots to shoot. This project did show and teach me how to take inspiration and different elements from films which will come in use when I start my FMP.


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