My Personal Statement

So next year I will be leaving College and hopefully heading to a University. I have sent off my application to the places I want to go and along with that, a personal statement. I’ve spent the last six weeks trying to perfect my statement and I think I have finished it. So here is what I came up with and if you are stuck writing your own then feel free to take aspects of mine and put it into yours, cheers.

My Personal Statement

When most 14 year olds go on holiday to Scotland, they enjoy the views, see the sights and the hairy cows. I decided I was going to make my first film. I wrote a script in the morning, shot it in the afternoon and edited in the evening. I wanted to tell a story and film was the only way I could. The moment I showed my family, looking at their faces laughing, smiling (and most of the time confused), I knew I wanted to do this as a career.

Secondary school was where I made the decision that I’m going to be a Director. Media Studies taught me the basics of filming like camera techniques, film terms and how to analyse a shot to find meanings. I joined the course for the practical side, which there was very little of, but in the long run it helped me understand how to setup a shot and explain why.

In 2014, I joined Skymind Studios CIC as a part of my secondary school’s work experience week. I completed work on filming, photography and sound set up for an event and after that week they started to call me back to help more at events. Recently I filmed the Plymouth Argyle Fan Fest. We are editing and will soon release it as a DVD to the Plymouth Argyle Fan Fest to promote what they do and why.

Last year I was asked to film a World War 1 remembrance play for a local drama company and I made it into a DVD for the cast of the play to promote their charitable work for Unicef. I filmed each performance and intercut them into each other to make a big collage of all the plays into one film. I made a menu screen to select the main film or behind the scenes footage.

During the last few months of my first year at college I made a film for my final project. I could make anything I wanted which was just a playground for trying different things. There were a lot of difficult obstacles while shooting like the rainy weather, night time shoots and availability of my actors. I used these to my advantage while shooting – I used the weather for atmosphere, researched how to film at night and creating filler shots when the actors couldn’t make it. I learnt to improvise when things don’t go the way to plan.

I was a part of a film club in 2014 at Plymouth University where I was put in a group with strangers and we were told to make a film where in the first and last shot our actor walks through a door. The group I worked with went with a horror film with a man walking down a hallway with a creepy tone to make the audience tense. This was my first experience making a film in a group so I learnt a lot about all the stages into making a film and working as a team to make the best film we could.

I was part of the 2015 NCS group which was two weeks of activities with the first week camping and the second staying on the Falmouth University campus. This involved team building activities and bonding with the rest of the group. For the second two weeks, we had to make a change in Liskeard. We decided to rejuvenate a play park but before we could do that we needed to fundraise enough money to buy equipment to complete the task. We held a coffee morning and went out with buckets to get as much money as possible. We completed the task at hand and in four weeks we all came together, made friends, and strong bonds and we rejuvenated a park. I have also started to volunteer in a local café to help them and give myself experience talking to different types of people.

I’ve been trying out new things and I expect University will be a great opportunity to meet and collaborate with other people to make the best outcome I can. I’ve been making films since I was 14 and have tried techniques and difficult shots since then and most of those times I’ve succeeded, taking what I’ve learnt and apply it to other projects. Sometimes I fail but then I know my challenges for next time, what I can achieve and what I’d like to do next to improve so I can go back to those difficult moments and succeed in creating them.


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