Interview Feedback With Tobias

In preparation of our upcoming interviews at different College’s and Universities, we were told to pair up and run through a practice interview, asking and answering set questions then giving feedback at the end. I teamed up with Toby who I interviewed first then we switched roles to where he was interviewing me. I defiantly have some work to do and as someone who isn’t good with my words, I wasn’t surprised when I was stumped on a question and when I tripped over my words. I will be needing to think of definitive answers before heading into the interview as I’m not very good with ‘on the spot’ moments in interviews. I’ll go through each question to say what I said and if I had trouble answering it.

Why have you chosen this course/job/employer?

I did stumble on this question and did have a hard time making up an answer but with a few minutes of thought I said that ‘I wanted new experiences’ and that ‘I wanted to be prepared and have a lot of knowledge living alone without parents so I can get a feel of what it would be like when I finish University’. I do feel that I need as much experience as I can get in preparation of living in the big wide world because it is scary leaving home for the first time. I do need to work on this question because when it’s asked I panic a little and confused on what to say so if I just practice what I’m going to say then I should be good. Tobias did say that I need to work on relaxing and staying calm wile answering the question.

What was the last film/animation/{insert medium of choice} you watched and what did you think of it?

I said ‘Ex Machina’ which I watched as part of our course and I really enjoyed it. Great cast, great soundtrack and the mystery was very well done with a satisfying ending.

What do you want to get out of this course?

This took me a few seconds to come up with an answer but in the end I said that ‘I want to expand my knowledge in film and have an idea on what I want to do after University because you have a lot of connections with successful film makers and producers meaning a lot of opportunity.’ I looked at the list of ex-students and speakers they bring in and there are a lot of people that I could talk to and maybe work for or with them in the future.

Overall I do need to work on the questions. If I think before entering the interview then I might have a better chance of entering the University but even if I have the best answer, it’s up to them if they want me on their course.


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