Designing My Future

When filling out my application I had four different courses in three different places in mind. I had Falmouth University in my first and second choice with Film and Television, I then had Plymouth University as my third choice with their Film and Television course and then I had Plymouth College of Art as my forth option with their film course. As you can see I’m hoping to go into the industry of media and through these Universities I could gain knowledge to pitch and make films with the contacts the Universities have with people who are higher up.

I have a couple of reasons for Falmouth being at the top of my list and one of the big ones is how enthusiastic there were about the course at the open day. I went to a few other open days and they were very monotone about the whole thing but Falmouth was giving a lot of information about what the course will contain, their facilities and equipment (Which was amazing by the way) and things to watch and research in preparation of joining the course. They were very keen to let us use and try some of the cameras and were very open to any questions. I was also impressed with their facilities and equipment. It’s obvious they take this industry very seriously with the amount of funding they put into building their equipment stash and making their facilities as high end as possible.

Plymouth University is my third choice because of its practicality with accommodation. With Falmouth, I’ll have to find a place down there to stay but with Plymouth I can stay with my parents as its local and only a 30 minute bus journey away. With their facilities and equipment, it isn’t as high end as Falmouth but this is the first year the course will be running so maybe in the next three years they might add more to boost up their stash. But this university is on here if I don’t get into Falmouth, if I get a place on Film or Television at Falmouth then I’ll go there but if I get no other, I’ll fall back on Plymouth.

I’m currently at Plymouth College of Art which does have a very good reputation when it comes to film and television. But, and no offense to anyone reading this and working at College of Art, I’d like to leave as quickly as I can. If I stay at this College, I feel like I’m not learning new experiences. At the end of the year I would have been here for two years and staying for three more isn’t really going to help when I leave and head into the job market and adult life. If I go University then I’ll be learning how to look out for myself, learn to cook, pay rent, all the things you should know when heading into adulthood. But this is my last resort so there’s a chance I won’t be attending this college for the next three years.

After Uni Plan

Oh boy, here we go. I just left University, I have my diploma in my hands, what the hell am I going to do?!? I have a few choices ahead of me which are achievable in my eyes. I’ll list them from most achievable to not so achievable.

The first plan is to join a local film or television company like the BBC. I’ll either stay down in the South West or head up to London and attempt to get a job as a cameraman, editor or director.

My second plan is to start up my own film company and make films through that and slowly build it so I can hire people and grow as a business. This way I have the freedom to creatively do what I want and choose which direction I want the company to go in.

My third plan is to join an American film company named Rooster Teeth who do mainly gaming content but also do live action content like short films. I’ve been watching their content on Youtube and on their website for years now and feel like I could be a part of their team in Austin, Texas. This does mean going over to America and finding a place to stay which is more difficult than in the UK.


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