My Personal Statement Review

I started off writing my personal statement by listing all the things that I had done with some sort of link to Universities, Film and any charity work I have done to show that I can commit to something and be happy to help with different types of work. I wanted to show how passionate I am about Film and to show how much I have put towards it. I didn’t want to put anything in here that I couldn’t live up to, I wanted everything in my personal statement to be me and everything in there that I promise doable. I showed I did charity work to show that I’m productive because they are looking for people who are willing to use their time for other people.

Overall I tried to show that I’m a productive person, attempting to complete as much work as possible to gain experience and knowledge. This is true about my at some points, sometimes I procrastinate but if I hide that part of me, be awake and get the work done, the me in the personal statement will shine.


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