Social Action Project – Pitch

Over the Christmas period we were set the task to come up with a concept or topic that will become our Social Action Project. It did take some time and a bit of planning but in the end I think I have a solid topic that I can expand on in any direction I want. The final outcome will be about how game developers are milking as much money from games as possible by adding season pass’s, paywalls, micro transactions, anything so they can get as much profit from their customers as possible. I’m hoping to make a video about this situation so I’ll have to make a script with detailed points, facts and statistics. I will also be expressing my personal opinion about this so some people will disagree with me because not everyone has the same opinion. Below is the Prezi presentation I showed Billy as I go more in depth in the matter.

The Pitch:

In recent years, the gaming industry has become very ‘money grabbing’ towards their customers and has got to the point where it’s standard for games to have a season pass and extra content after their initial launch. Almost every triple A game in the present day have a season pass unlocking more content for a small discount and even with this discount it’s still forty pounds with half the content not even revealed. Depending on the developer and the publisher, season passes and DLC can be made with care, thinking about what their customers want out of the game. But others decide that making these season passes and DLC’s to benefit them is more important than benefiting the customers. This then turns into people getting angry over the fact that they wasted their money on something they don’t like or something they were promised that they didn’t receive.

Also in recent times microtransactions have snuck into big, triple A games, allowing gamers to speed up their gaming experience by buying extra items or in-game currency. They’re thinking is as followed, people with less time on their hands can speed up their gameplay time by buying these items and currency. These are mainly put on the multiplayer side of video games which really screws over the smart people who level up without paying more money. These makes a dividing line between online players, people who level up normally and the people who pay to level up and the people who are getting killed by the high levelled players drop off because they just get killed every couple of seconds. Then this leaves the high levelled players fighting each other and any new players who join get destroyed. Microtransactions can kill online gameplay in a couple of weeks if people choose to buy these items and there are people who will and that’s why developers keep putting in microtransactions because they know they will make a profit from people who don’t have a sense of patience.

These publishers and developers add these things into the game because they just want money and we know it’s working because they haven’t taken them away yet. They will keep using them until no one buys them anymore and when that day comes they will probably find other ways to take your money. I understand they are a business and I understand they are doing this for money but there must be a better way then screwing over your customers.

In my main project, I will be exploring the most selfish ways developers are scamming their customers just to make an extra buck and I will attempt to find a better way for the developers to make more money off a game than putting in microtransactions and non-reliable season passes  to trick customers into giving more money.


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