Social Action Project – Evaluation

As I have now completed the Social Action Project, it’s time to look back at the highs and lows of making this project and how I over came problems that were in my path.

The main point of this whole project was to project my opinions and facts on a matter that I care about deep down and looking at my final video, I think I have shown my view on this subject at hand and have backed up my opinions with facts. I have made a balance between someone else’s view on the matter, in this case a games developer, and then me countering their argument with my opinion and I have researched facts and statistics to build my argument even stronger. I did cut out a few arguments due to time restrictions I set myself to keep it short and to keep the file size and render time down but even with them gone, I think I really did balance my opinion vs theirs. I think during the film I successfully highlighted the problems of the gaming industry by using quotes and facts to maintain and build my argument to be ready to counter the developers quotes. As you can see in my research post, I went in depth and gathered as much information as I could to try and have a wide range of facts and opinions when it comes to writing and editing the film.

My main aim was to make this video for people who has just started and people who want to get into gaming. If they watch this video, I can warn them that buying micro-transactions and season passes can be risky and bad for their gaming experience. I want people to play games to have fun and not be bombarded by these money making and game ruining add-on’s.

I would try and go more in depth into a few topics which I sort of glanced over. If I gathered more quotes and facts I could have made my argument just that little bit easier to get across to people watching the video. I would have also changed the way I have presented it not because it’s hard to key frame but the render times are awful. If I had done it in Premiere and not in After Effects I think it would have been a lot easier to show.


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