The Weekly FMP Blog #1 – A Second Try (20th-24th February)

A year ago, I started my first Final Major Project which, by the end, I was very pleased with – now I have a second chance to improve on last year’s grade and make my project overall better.

Looking at my feedback from last years’ FMP, my writing brought my grade down to a Merit, which isn’t bad but there are a lot of improvements I can make with my writing. The main criteria for getting a good grade on this course is the writing. I need to explain my reasons for what I have created and show how I made the final project come together neatly. If it didn’t, I can say why it didn’t, showing that I know where I went wrong, and could possibly improve my grade.

Research is also a big part of the success criteria as it shows that I can collect relevant sources and use that to complete my film. I will also be showing my planning stage – things like script, storyboard and shot list – and how I use those materials during shooting to help the production of the film go as smoothly as possible. I will basically record everything I do, and think,  to give a clear image of where I want to take this project and how I will pull it off. If one aspect doesn’t work out then I will be able to explain why and get a higher mark for it. So in a way, mistakes are good.

I already have a couple of ideas I might want to try. The main one I’ve been planning for months now is a 1950s-styled detective film set in the present day. A couple of months back TJ and I started to write a script about a detective and a case which leads to events not going his way. Due to problems we couldn’t get around we called it off, but I’ve started to think about it again, and now the FMP period has come round this will be the excellent time to make it.

It is hard trying to make a detective film believable and followable when it’s squeezed into such a small time-frame. The best way to solve this is to show the main parts of the investigation in flashbacks so I can just pick out the most important parts of the investigation. I’ll have to play around with it in script form and look at other films to see how they pull off their investigation.

I did set myself a task where I will collect music from the 50s or with a 50s style so I can get some sort of feel for the film and get a taste of what it was like in the 50s. Even though this is set in the present day, I do want to bring over the 50s feel, inter-splicing it with the modern day. BBC’s Sherlock accomplished this very well by replacing horse carriages with Taxis and using modern day technology to complete the crimes. This is an excellent source to take inspiration from as it brings a Victorian character into our time so perfectly.

Next week, I will start talking in depth about my idea and start writing up my proposal. I’ll talk about how and why I’ll be making this film and then collect music as part of my research.


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