The Weekly FMP Blog #2 – The Appropriate Inspiration (27th February – 3rd March)

Last week, I planned to start collecting music that fits the style of my idea (which is a 50s-styled detective film) but instead I began gathering films that will help me in the research side of completing the project.

Looking for films with the right style is hard. I resorted to looking at different top 10 lists which can be reliable but are all based round one persons, or a group of peoples, opinion. To find the best, I looked at 20-30 different lists and picked out the ones that were common between each list. If a film was in 3 or 4 lists, then I put it on my research list.

I wasn’t worried about when each film  was made because anyone can achieve the 50s feel and look. But when I started to write the films down, I realized that if I start from the origin then I’ll get a lot more out of the film than another film tying to copy that style. Films like The Third Man, In the Heat of the Night, Tony Rome and The Maltese Falcon look to be a perfect fit for what I’m trying to do. I’ll be watching them and reviewing them, talking about their pros and cons and what I can take from it that could help me in completing my film.

I have to keep in mind that I’m not going to make a 2-hour film so I’m going to have to find a way to shorten it but still keep the premise entertaining and intriguing to the audience. I did have an idea that might work with the amount of time I have which is to tell the story in flashbacks. I will show the major key events in the detective’s investigation and keep going back to the present day where he has either succeeded in the investigation and is talking to his superior, or explain himself to the murderer who captured him. I haven’t made my mind up yet on which route to take, but the murderer capturing the detective could be an interesting scenario to play with.

Next week I’ll be moving onto collecting 50s music and creating a playlist to listen to while writing. This will hopefully keep me in a 50s state of mind because writing an old styled setting with dubstep blasting in your ears would be very hard to accomplish.


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