The Weekly FMP Blog #4 – A Neat Pile of My Thoughts (13th – 17th March)

The final week of preparation before going into pre-production has begun, and all I need to do is to complete four pieces of paperwork to get the green light for actually making my idea.

My proposal consisted of:

* Review – looking back at what I learned throughout my two years of college, and what I can take away from previous projects to help me with my FMP. I talked about the cliché detective film I made called ‘Skinner and Quinn’ and how I can take aspects from that and implement them into my final film – such as the use of music.

* Project concept – discussing what the film will be about, why I have chosen this type of film and how I will make it. I went into greater detail about the way I’m going to tell a story could happily be a feature film

* Evaluation – how I’m going to review myself and how I’m going to keep track of what I’m doing. If you keep looking over your work, keep looking back at your films and critically review your films and learn from your mistakes then you can get closer to success. You don’t suddenly make a perfect film right off the bat, there will be films that are awful but you can learn from your issues and fix them in your next project. I’m also open to other people’s opinions and views on my film and see if I missed anything from my look through it. The more eyes the better

* Research.

As part of the evaluation section, I explained how I will be documenting each week and this will all be done by ‘The Weekly FMP Blog’ that I will be making weekly (Sometimes) on what I did that week, what I can do better and what my targets are for the following week. This is the best way of spewing my ideas out of my head and onto paper, I can then talk about why I want to do the idea, what the good and bad points are and if it’s achievable or not. This is also a great way of reviewing what I did in the previous weeks for me and my peers to look at what I achieved each week and what my targets for each week are.

Next up is the Time Planner and Action Plan documents which is my plan for the 18 weeks I have to complete this project. They are both have the same intention, to plan out the coming weeks, but the Action Plan is a lot more detailed than the Time Planner. In my eyes, this will be an outline of what I’ll be doing each week as I could be filming earlier or later if schedules with my actors don’t fit. Having this as a reminder of where I should be in terms of completing the project is useful to keep on track.

The Harvard Helper is the most helpful document out of the four and will help me right up to when I hand everything in. This is the document that I’ll be referencing back to again and again as it will have all the resources I need to complete this project. I’ve got three different forms of research that I have collected: books, websites and films.

Now that everything is handed in I can finally move into pre-production and write the script. After that, I will begin creating storyboards and shot lists just to help production go smoothly. I’m hoping to give the script to my actors on the last week of Easter and begin shooting the week after the Easter holiday finishes. Let’s just hope everything goes the way I want it to.


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