The Weekly FMP Blog #5 -This is Only the Beginning (20th – 24th March)

The first week of pre-production is here and it has been a bit harder than I thought but I’ve learnt a fair bit about writing throughout the week.

When starting out with pre-production, I did the single thing you shouldn’t do when starting a new project, start writing the script first. With no established characters and no timeline to base the story off, it was near impossible to get the story in my head especially when I’m writing in flashbacks so some sort of timeline would be great to see what I can forward and back to.

My plan is to write down the main points of the story on post-it-notes and put them in the order the script will show them in. This will give me a visual representation of how the film will play out and will be easy to keep up with where I am during the script and what’s next without trying to remember the order.

Before starting the script, I should have written my characters to understand who they are, what personality they have and have an easy way to see what they’ll do in different situations. If you write developed characters before writing the script then your characters will basically write themselves into the story.

I started off with the basics: name, country of origin, age, gender and occupation. I then went into their personalities, talking about their likes and dislikes which will have some impact on the story. Next was appearance, what they wear, what they look like and small details like a coffee stain or a tear. I went onto their skills which will be a big part of the story because it’s what defines them as a character, then talked about their backstory, how they got to be where they are before the story begins.

Something I’ve kept in mind when thinking of different scenarios is the achievability of them. As I have little to no budget, I need to take precautions to ensure that I can make the ideas I’m coming up with. I need to think of everyone’s safety when getting the shots, I shouldn’t be the one to put my actors in danger because I want a cool shot. I need to think of everything my actors will go through and ask if they are ok with it, if not, I will change the scenario into something more feasible.

In the next couple of weeks, I will be concentrating on pre-production and creating everything I need to make my shoot go as smooth as possible, and learning from the mistakes I made last year.


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