The Weekly FMP Blog #6 – Development is Happening, Slowly (27th – 31st March)

Writing, writing, a bit more writing, more writing and a tad bit more writing.

Pre-production is in full swing as I write, cast and research to prepare for when I begin shooting. Writing is slowing down as I attempt to develop ideas and create some sort of structure and tone for the story. As I can’t properly write at college due to the computers not having software that is compatible with Adobe Story, I’m forced to either take notes or write at home.

While writing, I came up with an ending that I was very happy with so I skipped most of the story to write the ending so I wouldn’t forget it. Now I have the ending and I know the twist, I can work backwards to make a mystery which will help me understand it a lot clearer.

With Easter next week, I can get most of the script done and ready to give my actors on Good Friday which is the last Friday of Easter. I feel confident I will reach that goal which will give time for my actors to read through and understand the character they will be playing.

My original plan was to start shooting in the last week of Easter but looking at what I have now with the script, I feel like I won’t hit that deadline. I don’t want to rush this, if there are any mistakes, the whole story will trip over itself. So if I take my time then I will be able to make good decisions about where I’m taking this story.

Casting is an interesting part of the pre-production stage as you need to find someone that fits the criteria of the characters. For my main part, Mike Bolt, I chose a friend by the name of TJ or Tom James if you’ve known him for a while. Tom can pull off an early to mid-20’s look which is the main the reason why I picked him. He is also able to drive which is a big part of the story for Mike to drive.

With the killer, it all depends on which direction I go for. I could go for a single person and get one actor or I could reveal The Moors Killer is multiple people which means I’ll need to get multiple people. I have one person on standby so whichever direction I take for this character, I will be prepared.

Next week is EASTER!!!

I’m going to get as much of the script done as possible and catch up on my blogs. I’ve been a bit behind on them recently so having two weeks away from College might help to have a break and work at a comfortable pace. I will also be starting to watch the films that I’ve been meaning to watch. I’ll review them as research for my own FMP and might help break out ideas for writing and cinematography.


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