The Weekly FMP Blog #7/#8 – Easter is Here, Where’s the Chocolate? (3rd – 14th April)

Mmmm, love me some chocolate!!

The two weeks of Easter wasn’t just about eating chocolate and taking a break (which I did anyway) but it was to drown out all the distractions I’d normally have at College and concentrate on my work as much as possible. Obviously, I had days where I met up with friends but if I didn’t, I would have pushed my limits and become sick of writing, which seeing as this course is mainly about the writing, would be a very bad thing to happen.

Writing is still happening with plans for a few cool sequences. I’ve got two ideas I want to attempt: a one-shot sequence and a fight scene.

While writing these two ideas, I needed to keep in mind what I can and cannot do. With the one-shot sequence, I’m following my lead character through a house where he’s trying to find what the cause of a blackout was. I needed to plan in my head where and when my camera and actors will be at certain points of the scene, making a smooth motion between each point of where I want to camera to be. I then need to think of the space I have access to, where I can and cannot go and if I have room in the space for both my actor and camera.

The other scene I have in mind is a fight scene which is an immediate red light because if a fight scene is done right it’s believable but when it’s done poorly, the audience gets bored and see all the cuts needed to seem like your actors know how to fight. I decided to go with a very gritty fight scene where my main actor doesn’t know what’s going on because the lights keep turning on and off creating an advantage for my killer.

I feel like putting these two sequences in the film will challenge me in the writing, filming, and editing stages. I could have left these ideas out but if I don’t challenge myself in this project, I feel like my final grade would be lowered because I didn’t try new things and discuss how I did them. I have other experimental ideas in my locker that I will be testing the first week back from Easter but until then, I will carry on writing.

My plan before Easter was to finish the script the last week of the holiday, make necessary checks to make sure everything is top notch and give the script to my actors on Good Friday. Unfortunately, I did not meet this goal and filming is being pushed back so I have time to finish the script. I will aim to start filming to the week starting 1st May which should give me time to finish the script to the standard I want it to be. I will try and give the actors the script the week beginning 24th April which will give them a week to read and get into the character I have written for them.

Location scouting was accomplished mainly from memory. I have a plan to film at my grandparents’ house for Mike’s base of operations and where most of the story will be taking place. I haven’t asked them yet but I want to finish the script first so I can tell them exactly what I’ll be doing there. I have a montage showing other locations which aren’t that important because they are just small snippets that can fit into any location.

Next week I will try and finish the script to be able to give to my actors the week after and then the week after that I will hopefully start filming, which is a scary thought.


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