The Weekly FMP Blog #9 – Guess Who’s Back, Back Again (17th – 21st April)

It’s me, I’m back.

After a two-week break, I’m now back regularly at College. Before the holiday, I think everyone was going a little crazy walking into the same room, day after day, and staring zombie-like into the monitors. Now I’ve taken a long needed break from the Wednesday to Friday routine, I feel refreshed and livelier than I was before Easter.

I will admit that I can’t work in that room all day. There were moments last term where I was on my phone, taking a small break because I just couldn’t write. It is hard to explain and I know you won’t believe me but that’s just the person I am, sadly.


The first draft of the script is done and I am very pleased with where I have taken this story. It was a very hard script to accomplish and at times aggravating but now I have finished it, I can relax. I could start filming right now but there are a few things I want to do before moving onto the next stage.

I want to get my second and possibly third draft done as well. It’s all good writing a script and begin filming straight away if you don’t care about what you make. I printed out my first draft and let my parents read it (because they’ve been asking for it for like, forever) so I could get constructive and informative feedback from a teacher and writer.

Mother’s feedback was changing the name of a secondary character because it sounded too much like the main character. This would have confused my actors and the audience into thinking they are one character when they are another. Father’s feedback was major but didn’t break the story in any way. He mentioned that private detectives don’t carry guns and this did panic me at first because the gun was used often in the final scene but remembered knives were already at the fight scene so I made the detective use a knife instead of a gun.

I then went through it, correcting spelling mistakes, adding a few sentences and fixing the problems I saw at first. All these changes were added and became my second draft which is ready to give to my actors. I still have the first draft printed out and I will keep this as evidence of my changes and if I make the third draft, I will keep the second draft as evidence also. But at this moment in time, I am very happy with the second draft and will be giving it to my actors next Wednesday.

Now I have finished the script, I can confirm I’ll begin filming the week beginning 1st May. This gives my actors time to read through it and me to make any necessary changes to the script and create extra paperwork that will help me with filming like storyboards and shot lists.


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