The Weekly FMP Blog #10 – The Final Stages of the First Stage (24th – 28th April)

Making progress, now I should make the film.

First day back at College after finishing the script and my actors finally got to see what they’ll be doing. They both read through the script and didn’t have any problems with it. If they did have a problem, I would have changed the script, making it into something more comfortable for them to perform.

Costumes are very important when it comes to defining a character, so I took a while to research what detectives look like and then looked for pieces of clothing that would fit my character. I looked up everything I need on Amazon, then I’ll head down to a charity shop or a clothes retailer to see if they have something similar and cheaper. If they don’t, I’ll order it on Amazon and wait. It will get expensive but I’d like to think of this as an investment.

With Mike Bolt’s clothes, I wanted to be scruffy, have stains on his shirt and not take much care of himself. He would have dirty trousers with tears at the end of them and then a long overcoat when he’s outside. I was going to go for a hat, like a fedora or something similar, but decided against it because I feel like it would be too much and I had money to worry about. I’m sort of aiming for the stereotypical detective but I don’t want to be too cheesy as I want this to be a serious film.

The Moors Killer was an interesting one to pick out clothes for because, in my head, I had no idea what it would look like. Obviously, it’s human but I don’t want to reveal that until the end so I wanted it to be fully black to hide its identity. I found a mask that covered the mouth and found a thermal hood that will go over the head and leave the eyes in the exposed. I’m torn if I should hide the eyes or not but because the first time basically confirms that they aren’t this monster everyone thinks it is, I’ll leave the eyes unprotected and if I change my mind, I can simply use brightness and contrast to darken the area of the face.

Props need to look real to be convincing. There’s no point of trying to use a plastic gun for close-up shots because it’ll look fake which I need to take in consideration. I’m needing retractable knives for the final scene, knives where the blade goes inside the handle when pushed against somethings giving the impression that my character got stabbed. With a bit of fake blood splashed on, you’ve got yourself a convincing knife wound.

I’m also planning on buying folders to fill up with paper and use that as a case file. I want it to be thick, with all the kills the killer has done for Mike to use throughout the film. I want it to be a pale folder with other folders inside which are categorised by information and crime scenes. I’ve had a look online and Rymans seem to be the best course of action as they have exactly what I want.

Next, I need to create the shot list. A shot list is a text version of a storyboard. I will write up what shot number it is and what scene it’s in, then go on to say what type of shot it is; close-up, medium shot, long shot etc. I will then either describe what happens in the shot or copy and paste straight from the script so I can point right to where the shot is based on the script. After doing this for the scene, I’ll then start my storyboard, giving a visual representation of what I want.

I will storyboard the fight scenes, though, as while it’s easy to visualise a conversation in your head by looking at the shot list, a fight scene would be more difficult. It is crucial that I storyboard the fight scenes so my actors and I can understand what shots are needed and how to get the shot.

I have started to write up the reviews of films I’ve been watching for research. I started with The Third Man which is an awesome film by Carol Reed. I reviewed the writing, directing, acting and cinematography of the film. I also talked about what I could take away from the film in each category. I’ll do that the same for the next review, which will be Seven by David Fincher. As I’ve finished my script, I’m mainly looking at the cinematography now, so I have inspiration and reasons for some of the shots I want to achieve. I will still review the writing but from now on, that isn’t my priority.


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