FMP Research – Catching Up With the News

Recently a man called Ian Brady was brought to light again as the news of his death was confirmed. Ian Brady and his girlfriend, Myra Hindley, committed five murders of children spanning from 12th July 1963 to 6th October 1965. They were sentenced to life in prison, with Myra dying on 15th November 2002. Ian died on 15th May 2017.

Four of the five bodies were found but one is yet to be discovered and now Ian is dead, there is very slim chance the last victim will be found.

His death has brought these tragic deaths back into the news once again and I began to have concerns with my film’s name and the whole concept of it. My film revolves around a murderer performing killings on top of Tors in Dartmoor, dumping them there until someone finds the bodies. This plot and the name of the film, ‘The Moors Killer’, might remind people of Ian Brady’s doings and upset them. The murderous couple who were famously nicknamed ‘The Moors Murderers’.

To avoid people comparing the two, I’ve decided to change the name of my film to something that has less chance of being compared to the killers. I haven’t got a new name yet but in the coming weeks, I will begin to brainstorm and come up with something better.

Unfortunately, I am too far into production to change the plot entirely. If I had known that this story would be back in the news for hopefully the last time, I would have changed the idea to something people can’t relate to real life events.

I know that it’s unlikely people will compare my film to these murders but in case that situation does arise, I need to be careful. Changing the name will avoid people making claims that I’m disrespecting the five children who were murdered.


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