The Weekly FMP Blog #11 – Money? Where’d you go, Money? (1st – 5th May)

Everything is proceeding as I hoped.

Everything I need to make the film is now bought: clothes, props and food. I’m needing TJ to wear one of his own shirts for the moment, as the white shirt I ordered hasn’t arrived yet. This is one of the main issues I have when it comes to time management. Some things were set to be delivered after my last planned filming day, so I had to find items I want that came at times that suited me.

Some things were easy to get; the knives and fake blood are accessible in Plymouth so I didn’t have to worry about getting those until I really needed them. That’s a big upside being right next to a big city because if I need anything, it’s there, from big shopping malls to small charity shops, I have a lot of options when it comes to picking out needed props and clothes. Obviously, for more specific props I’d need to look online, but there are a lot of options in Plymouth also.

I bought everything for the big case file about The Moors Killer and its victims. I went to Rymans to look for cliché detective folders and got 25 folders looking the way I imagined them. They are this very light brown colour I needed around 15 in total for all the victim files there are, The Moors Killer file and a couple of folders keeping everything together.

I went on Google images to research what real detective case files look like so I could have some sort of reference when creating my own. I gathered a couple of images that I will use as a reference and made a mood board out of them to have multiple references in one picture and have an overall tone in the picture to help me build the case file.

Due to plans not lining up and delays with the script, my original schedule has not gone to plan to force me to change the time planner to something more achievable.

In the original, I was meant to start filming in the second week of Easter but as the script wasn’t finished then, I had to begin filming much later than anticipated. I pushed filming back to 15th of May which was the week I was meant to start post-production, so had to push that back to the middle of the half term. This leaves me with three weeks to finish post-production and hand it in.

This all happened because of my time management, I didn’t finish my script in time meaning I need to push back set goals just to be able to have enough time to create the props and other necessary documents. Another factor of pushing the targets back is the things I’ve ordered online not being delivered in time. Without these props and clothes, I’m unable to begin filming so I’m forced to wait until everything I need to start shooting with is in my possession.

I have begun planning my shots using a table I’ve created with the different elements that make a shot work. I put the number of the shot in the scene and then the shot type. I have an option between eight different shot types; XLS (Extreme Long Shot),

LS (Long Shot), MLS (Medium Long Shot), MS (Medium Shot), MCU (Medium Close Up), CU (Close Up), BCU (Big Close Up), XCU (Extreme Close Up). This tells me how close the actors or objects are to the camera and is given dramatic effect with the angle of the camera.

I have three choices when it comes to the angle; high, low or eye level. High angle is the camera looking down at the actor or object and is used to show the weakness of a character and a low angle shows the characters dominance. Movement is what it says on the tin – the camera moving, or not, during the shot: handheld, dolly, crane etc. The last column is the description which is where I put the part of the script the shot will show so I won’t have to remember what each shot contains.


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