The Weekly FMP Blog #12 – A Confusing Conundrum (8th – 12th May)

Filming, Writing, Problems. Sums up the week very well.

This week I have finally started filming with weeks of preparation leading up to it. It was a very tough pre-production for this film as I needed to buy props, clothes and sort out my script. I do feel like I wasted my time in pre-production which might have been the reason for such a late production start but now I’ve started, I feel like I’m getting somewhere.

I completed one scene with my main actor settling into his new base of operations and part of the montage scene which shows him slowly getting frustrated that he can’t complete this investigation.

Shooting went very smoothly; no big issues were found and I got everything I wanted. We did run into issues with lighting and the fact that the room was dark in some places bringing out the grain. I have a way of fixing this issue but it’ll have to be in the post-production stage as I couldn’t do anything while I was there. We did make the character turn the light on as he entered the room which removed some of the grain but not all of it.

Looking at my script, I’m only needing 3-4 more shooting days, one of those days is for re-shoots if needed. I’ve planned to shoot my last scene on Wednesday 31st May which will be the climax of the film with The Moors Killer eventually killing Mike Bolt. I have set another day for the night shoot I’ve planned which will be on Wednesday 17th May with Tom James and Toby Burnett which will cover two scenes of the interview and fight scene. I’ve yet to plan one day with TJ to shoot the rest of the montage that will be at his house.

Now that I have finished filming, I can test the black and white problem I’ve been having with footage that will be going into the final film. I have three choices to choose from; Black and White, Colour or both. I will go into it with more depth in a dedicated experiment blog I’m working on that will talk about the up and downsides with each choice and the eventually picking one. At this moment in time, it’s between black and white or black and white and colour but I will choose in the other blog.

I’ve recently fallen behind on blogs because I was focusing on making the props, sorting out the clothes, making shot lists and looking over the script. I’ve sort of forgot I even had to do blogs because I was just so busy with other things. Now that I’m into filming, I think I should really sort out my blog just to boost it up and get work done. I’ve finished making things for the main production, I’ve finished with the script and I’ll start editing nearing the end of the month so I’ve got nothing else to do but type.


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