The Weekly FMP Blog #13 – Black Out Filming (15th – 19th May)

This week I completed my night scenes involving TJ and Toby talking about the killer.

From the start, it seemed to go smoothly, with a few shots taking longer than others because of the actors either messing up or laughing. Once we got into it, we started to speed up with the conversation scene going fairly well. We finished with the killer invading the house, knocking TJ’s character unconscious and killing Toby’s character.

Overall it went very well, I got everything I wanted in a reasonable amount of time. I did make a script change with the fight scene as I felt like the concept of the fight, with the lights being turned on and off again, didn’t make sense so I decided to make the lights turn off permanently and only have the light of the torch shine the room as I’m wanting the audience to be as confused as TJ’s character is in the scene.

As this was someone else’s house, we needed to keep the noise down so we wouldn’t wake them. This caused some issue with understanding the characters as they spoke too quietly for the camera to hear. I’ve brought the volume up which works but then the background noise is a lot clearer so I’m needing to take each audio clip into Adobe Audition to remove that annoying hissing sound.

While there, I did take on board what I said in the ‘Shooting in Dark Places’ blog post with making sure there was enough light to see but keep the IOS down so the camera doesn’t have any grain showing. I did have some grain in the image but can easily take care of that inside After Effects with their plugin called ‘Remove grain’. All I need to do is put up the ‘Grain Reduction’ slider, but too much and the image becomes a bit blurred – so I also added sharpen to make it less out of focus.

I am needing to go back there to shoot TJ waking up and finding out where to go but I’ll do that at a later date as I now need to focus for the next big shooting day on the moors.

I’m also doing a secondary project for a studio I’m a part of, creating a logo for a new web series they are setting up. This might take a bit of time so it’s wise to manage my time to ensure I can get both of these projects done in time without making one a priority over the other.

Next week I will be focusing on making the essential documents to help the shoot go as smoothly as possible. As this shooting day is a big one, I need to be prepared.


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