The Weekly FMP Blog #14 – Preparation is Key (22nd – 26th May)

Next week is the week where I film on the moors which takes up much of the film, so if I don’t get this right, it won’t be good. I’m in the middle of making a shot list for the scene I’ll be shooting on Wednesday on the moors at Hound Tor. This scene will be spread out through the film but is the main climax at the end where Mike Bolt dies. It’ll be a fight scene so planning those shots aren’t crucial because I’ll go through the fight a couple of times and shoot from different angles.

I’m only shot listing the shots where there isn’t any fighting so I can quickly get those shots done and then concentrate on the fight for the majority of the time I’m there. I’m doing this so that I can spend more time filming and less time thinking up shots on the spot. I will be changing some of these shots to fit the scene but at least I have some sort of structure to follow.

Organising actors is a challenge but was quickly done. I told the two actors I needed for the morning shoot to head to a location for pick up, and the rest are coming in the afternoon. There’s no point in having everyone there all day, when they won’t all be needed. For the afternoon shoot, I told the driver the plan and allowed him to organise the rest.

I have also finished the Live by the Riverside logo, I spent around an hour a night to complete it and it didn’t dominate my work time but now it’s over I can now concentrate fully on my FMP and prepare for Wednesday.

This is a short one, only because I’m preparing to film and nothing else is happening. I’ll have a long one for next week as that’s when I’m filming up on the moors.


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