The Weekly FMP Blog #15 – (29th May – 2nd June)

Let’s go hiking for the day, shall we?

This week, more specifically Wednesday 31st, I took my actors up to Hound Tor on Dartmoor to shoot various shots throughout the film, and the final scene with Mike and the killers. This was the biggest scene to film, so managing my time was crucial.

At the start of the day, I only needed two people with me, TJ, who plays Mike Bolt, and Jowan, who plays two killers at the start of the fight scene and helped me with the fight choreography. I told the rest to come at 2pm which meant I didn’t have 4 people waiting around all day.

We started filming the various shots that are shown throughout the film so we could have more time to concentrate on the fight scene. The scene changed location due to the number of hikers who showed up, although this actually helped with the later shots, so I was pleased we found a different space.

The fight choreography changed as well. When I told Jowan what I was going for, he suggested more ways of performing it, and he made it look more realistic. He also cleaned up bits that weren’t working during the fight, so I was very glad I brought him along in the morning.

In the end, we didn’t stick to the shot list. We had very little time to keep looking back at the list so I improvised a lot of the shots and with the fight scene changing location, it was basically thrown out the window. I did use it for the shots that are spread out through the film but even then, I still changed them. I treat shot lists as some sort of reminder when it comes to on-set shooting. I only use it for a quick look at what I was thinking before to get in the same mindset, then I carry on without looking at it again.

Everything went very smoothly while shooting. I didn’t miss anything so I didn’t have to drag my actors back out into the middle of nowhere.

Wednesday was my original filming deadline but had plans to shoot after that, if needed. While looking through the footage, I made a big script change, moving and deleting scenes that either didn’t make sense, felt out of place or was slowing the plot down. I realised, after doing this, I’ve done all the filming I need – Mike settling into the house, the montage, the night scene and the Dartmoor shots… I was going to do extra scenes like Mike being given the case, but it felt very out of place and it slowed the plot down too much.

Now that I’ve done my production stage, it’s time to go full on into post-production where I’ll be editing, VFX-ing and making everything look good.


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