The Weekly FMP Blog #16/#17 – Sleep? Who Needs Sleep? (5th – 16th June)

Filming is done, now I’m going full Post-production with editing and VFX.

I finished editing later than I planned. I allowed 5 days to lock my edit ready to begin work on the VFX but it took 8 days with new ideas coming in, like the sped-up shots which I shot on my desk but used extreme close-ups to hide where I was filming.

With the scenes I deleted during week 15, I decided to spread the Hound Tor scene out more. Originally, the climactic scene at the end would start when Mike Bolt runs up to the top of the tor and the smaller shots spread throughout the film were going to be Mike walking up to the Tor from the car park.

I then changed this so that the beginning of the climactic scene would start with the fight and the smaller shots would cover Mike walking up to the Tor from the car park to seeing the killer. I thought it would be better this way so people are intrigued with why I’m showing them these shots. It keeps them wondering what will come next,, which will keep them watching.

The music I found was by an artist called ‘The Kilimanjaro’, from their album ‘Darkjazz Ensemble’. The track is called ‘Celladoor Lobby’. At first, I was going to have Frank Sinatra’s My Way playing at the end but when it came time to edit it didn’t work as well on screen as it did in my head. At that point, I began to panic as there wasn’t anything I could find that fit what I was looking for. Then I found a 50-minute video called Darkjazz and the first track was Celladoor Lobby. From there I used it throughout my film, and I think it works well.

VFX is a big part of my film with all the selective colour that is happening, I need to put time and effort into this part, to make it look believable yet stylistic. I showed my friends and my colleague, who has a master’s degree, my tests for the selective colour and the response was positive. They said the interaction between the red and the black and white works well and gives it a unique look to the film. I was very surprised because when I started it, I was having doubts so when the feedback came back, I was certain that this was the right direction to take.

There are a few extra VFX shots that needed taking care of, like a shot with a car park in the background that was full of cars which I covered with the surrounding trees.In another shot, I removed a friend standing in the background, by covering him with surrounding grass.

Next week I’ll be exporting, uploading and finishing all the blog posts I’ll need to complete the course with a good grade.


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