FMP – Pre-Production – Costumes

Costumes are a big part of a film because you want people to take the characters seriously. Also, the character is made by their clothes, they need to fit the personality of the character because if they don’t, they’ll feel off and not themselves.

With Mike Bolt’s clothes, I wanted to be scruffy, have stains on his shirt and not take much care of himself. He would have dirty trousers with tears at the end of them and then a long overcoat when he’s outside. I was going to go for a hat, like a fedora or something similar, but decided against it because I feel like it would be too much and I had money to worry about. I’m sort of aiming for the stereotypical detective but I don’t want to be too cheesy as I want this to be a serious film.

The Moors Killer was an interesting one to pick out clothes for because, in my head, I had no idea what it would look like. Obviously, it’s human but I don’t want to reveal that until the end so I wanted it to be fully black to hide its identity. I found a mask that covered the mouth and found a thermal hood that will go over the head and leave the eyes exposed.

Props need to look real to be convincing. There’s no point of trying to use a plastic gun for close-up shots because it’ll look fake which I need to take in consideration. I bought retractable knives for the final scene, knives where the blade goes inside the handle when pushed against something, giving the impression that my character got stabbed. With a bit of fake blood splashed on, you’ve got yourself a convincing knife wound.

I also bought folders that I filled up with documents and pictures. I wanted it to be thick, with all the kills the killer has done for Mike to look through as the film goes on. I got 25 pale folders with one holding everything together while the others are categorised by information and crime scenes inside the case file. I looked online and Rymans seemed to be the best as they had exactly want I wanted. I feel like this worked well, especially when I did the colour against black and white effect.


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