FMP – Pre-Production – Floor Plan

A floor plan is a top down view of a set where you can plan the positioning of the cameras, actors and props. This is used for the crew to see easily where each shot will be and what position the camera is next to the actor. This is also good to plan where the furniture is in the scene and plan what the set will look like during filming.

I used a floor plan to plan the one-shot scene which takes place at night to show my actors where I want the camera to be and at what point. Showing them visually what I want is easier than verbally because they can see it and not get confused with what I’m saying. Below is the diagram I used to show my actors where my camera will be:


With a one-shot scene, I had to draw the movements of the camera because if there weren’t any lines, it would come across that it’ll be static that will cut between each camera. I didn’t draw the actors in because that would’ve taken too long but it’s obvious where they’ll be in the scene as the camera is following them through the dark.

Camera 1 starts off in the dining room where Mike was talking to Adam about the killer. It starts off with Mike turning on the torch revealing his face, and then the camera follows Mike into position 2 when he picks up Adam. At this point, the camera follows behind them until position 5 when Mike puts Adam in the bathroom. The camera then goes back to 4 moving backwards while Mike shines the torch towards the camera.

It then turns at 4 which allows Mike to go in front of the camera and then moves to 6. When the music kicks in, Mike turns and then the camera walks backwards heading to 7 to reveal the iPad. Mike then realises something is wrong which makes him go back to the bathroom. The camera then goes from position 7 to 3 then 4 and 5.

The shot ends there when it cuts to inside the bathroom but this just shows how much is going on in the floor plan and how useful it is to show my actors where I’ll be and where they’ll be during the scene.


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