FMP – Pre-Production – Location Scouting

Location scouting for a film can be done before or after the script, depending on how much time you have. I planned them before, giving me an idea of what space my characters would have access to. This way I have a clear image of where my characters can go and what my characters can do. It’s hard to write a scene then try and find a location that fits that description.

I picked Hound Tor due to the fact its name. My killer is called a hound multiple times in the script and it’s a recurring word in a rhyme and a song. So this Tor fit perfectly into the script, and I only had Google maps and images to plan what happens in the scene, rather than visit. It was hard, but not impossible, to do it this way.

I used my Grandparents house for Mike Bolt’s base of operations. I’ve been there countless times so there wasn’t any need to visit in advance. I had this location in my head from the start. There were a few challenges with this scene, including the floor space. I suspected we would need to move furniture around, which we did, to clear enough room to spread the case file over the floor.

Picking the locations for my film wasn’t hard but a challenge to write my ideas into those scenes, especially when I hadn’t been to one of the locations. If I had a choice, I would have head over to the Tor to see what it had to offer but with little time at hand, I couldn’t.


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