FMP – Pre-Production – Research

Starting up any new project, especially a quick turn around like this one, can be difficult because you need to come up with a concept that is doable but unique and creative. I knew from the beginning what I wanted to make, what style I wanted my film to be, but couldn’t think up a concept. I started off by watching a couple of films that have the style I’m going for to take inspiration. ‘The Third Man’ was first with ‘Seven’ to follow and I began reviewing them, talking about the good and bad things about the film, behind the scenes stories and what I can take away from them to use in my own film.

In the middle of reviewing films, I had a discussion with a few people about black and white, and how bland and boring it is. That’s where I got the idea for selective colour and I thought I’d review a film that uses selective colour – the one I chose was Sin City. This was the film that made me settle for selective colour as the main style for my film. After that, I went onto watching Chinatown, one of the most popular and best detective films ever made, focusing on the performances and writing.

After watching a few films, I thought up a concept that seemed achievable but which will give me challenges along the way. It started off with a concept back in January that didn’t work out then, and this seemed like a cool way of finally making it.


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