FMP – Production

Production for my film went smoother than I was expecting with only a few things that made me change my script, but nothing that completely altered my overall idea.

The first day of shooting was 12th May at my grandparent’s house where I shot Mike settling into his new base of operations and looking through the case file for the first time, and the main body of the montage. This took a couple of hours, with no problems whatsoever. I did notice a few extra things I needed when I got back home, but nothing that ruined the scene, and they were very easy to shoot at home.

The next shooting day was 17th May where I filmed the night time scene with Mike interrogating Adam about why he’s in the evidence. This is the same day I filmed the blackout scene as well. The conversation went as well as trying to keep a puppy still, it took some hard work and effort but we got there in the end. We had a lot of bloopers with Toby and TJ laughing at each other but I got everything I wanted out of them because it was getting late and they wanted to get home. The blackout part of the scene was over very quickly. I ran through everything I wanted and we got it done in only a few shots.

Hound Tor shooting day, the last day of shooting, also went very well, but with a few hiccups along the way. The big one was the fact I had to change the location of the fight scene as I didn’t expect the Tor to be so busy. When we came to the fighting scene, we found a place on the side of the Tor which worked better with what I had in mind. I had TJ and Jowan with me filming the first two fights, and then after kunch, I got the rest of the actors to come to play the other killers. This worked well because it took around 4 hours to film everything before the reveal of the killers behind the rock so bringing them in the morning would have just wasted their time because they’d have nothing to do.

I specifically brought Jowan because he is very good at fight choreography,so he could help me make it more fluid and realistic. Jowan and I planned the first two fights together with him playing the killers, so he wasn’t just planning the fights, he was performing them as well, which was even better because we could get those fights done very quickly.

When everyone else got to the Tor, we had just finished the fight scene so the timing was impeccable. It was a challenge getting everyone on the same page but it was fun, and I learnt a lot by getting everyone in place, getting them ready and making sure they knew what they were doing.

Overall, shooting this film went quickly and easily. There were little problems here and there, but mostly went off without a hitch.

The equipment I used was a very simple setup with nothing fancy. I used my Canon 600D which I’ve had for over 3 years now with its kit lens. I used a very flimsy tripod that has seen better days but worked fine for what I wanted. There were a couple of shots where the actor’s face was too dark so I grabbed my reflector and a torch and shone a light on the golden side of the reflector. I went with the gold side because the lights in the room were very warm so if I went with the silver side, his face wouldn’t look good.


Time management was so important during this project. With people off doing their own projects, it leaves little time to get everyone together to film. We needed to communicate and cooperate as a group, to say when we are free and for how long. Luckily, I only had three shooting days but a few other people had 5 or 6 so making sure everyone was up to speed with what I was doing was important.

Overall, I think production went well, little to no problems and everyone was happy.


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