The Weekly FMP Blog #18 – This is the Beginning of the End (19th – 23rd June)

The end is nigh.

My film is finally up with my blood, sweat, and tears attached to it. (That sounds disgusting, I’m sorry.)

I had a bit of trouble uploading it due to exporting troubles and internet connection but once it was up, the positive comments were brilliant. Everyone really liked it and my doubts were put to rest when people were giving good feedback. Now that it’s up, I do have some problems with it, the biggest one is sound design. Premiere was refusing to export the audio of the close-up sped up clips of the case file. I was annoyed at that but people said it wasn’t distracting them from the film and it worked well with or without the audio.

I’m now finishing up my blogs. I’ve got three weekly blogs to do, evaluations and then review two or three films. I’m also planning on doing posts about each section of making the film; Pre-production, production and post-production.

After them, I’m done, I hand it in next Monday and it’s Summer, which is a scary thought.

I’d just like to thank everyone who helped me make this film possible especially Richard Neve who answered every question I had and gave me feedback about all the things I did, you are epic.

Now, I wait for my results. I’m hoping for a merit so I can get into my preferred University, Plymouth. Let’s hope I did everything my lectures wanted…


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