Social Action Project – Script

This structure of the video was the first and final draft but during the editing period I took parts out to either keep the pace going or the clip didn’t have any relevance or didn’t add anything to the video. I will go more into it with my evaluation.






Social Action Project – Research

In the process of making this type of video, I need to do my research to back up my points and opinions on the matter. I’m trying to find information and experiences when using a season pass or microtransactions from gamer’s themselves and will also look at why developers have put in these money making tactics into their games even though it’s obvious they want to make an extra buck from their customers.

Possible Opening:

Highest in game item ever
-Entropia Universe
-Club Neverdie

My experience with gaming:

First game:
-Taz: Wanted
-Timespliters 2

Season passes:

•Started with Borderlands in 2009

Fallout example:

Buying DLC using the Season Pass: £39.99
Buying DLC without using season pass: £54.94

Games with bad season pass:
•Star Wars Battlefront
-Main game was bare bones and incomplete
-For £40, things that should have been in the main game were added.
-16 maps were added but only four were with the original game
-Paying double to have a complete game
•Batman: Arkham Knight
-Story missions lasting 30 minutes
-Trainer missions
-Season pass contaned of content that wasn’t very good.
-Taken King was released after but not included in the season pass.
-4 new classes and new monster skins.
-Season pass was bare bones but an extra £130 worth of DLC was added and not put into the season pass.
•Battlefield 4
-Players had to wait for the game to be fixed to access the additional content in the season pass.
•Alien: Colonial Marines
-Added more maps for multiplayer when multiplayer was dead in the first few weeks.
•Dead or Alive 5 Final Round
-80 new costumes in the season pass which costed £93


•Able to buy virtual goods in game.
•Started on mobile games and is transitioning over to triple A games.
•Game developers saying they’re good, customer saying they are bad.

Triple A Games with Microtransactions:

•NHL 12
•NHL 13
•FIFA 14
•FIFA 15
•NBA 2K15
•Need for Speed Online
•Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
•Train Silmulator 2015
•Dead Space 3
•Mortal Kombat X
•Assassin’s Creed Unity
•Guitar Hero Live
•Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
•Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
•Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
•Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege
•Halo 5: Guardians
•Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom
•Warhammer 40,000: Regicide
•Resident Evil: Revelations 2
•WWE Immortals
•Ryse: Son of Rome
•Halo: Spartan Assault
•Spartacus Legends
•Injustice: Gods Among Us
•Bioshock Infinite
•Gears of War: Judgment
•Tomb Raider
•You Don’t Know Jack
•Mass Effect: Infiltrator
•Need for Speed World
•Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
•Guitar Hero 5
•Call of Duty: World at War
•Fallout 3
•Guitar Hero World Tour
•Rock Band 2
•Soulcalibur IV
•Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
•Arms of Two
•Burnout Paradise
•Rock Band
•Kane & Lynch: Dead Man
•Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
•Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation
•Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2
•The Lord of The Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II – The Rise of the Witch-King
•Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six :Vegas
•Call of Duty 3
•Guitar Hero II
•Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
•Madden NFL 07
•Dead Rising
•Call of Duty 2

Sniper X with Jason Statham (Make as a joke)

Free MMO Transformers game:
-Offering a pack for $449.99
-Cybernite Founder Avatar and Title
-Immortalized in Founders Honor Roll
-1 Year Combo Season Pass
-$250 Worth of Relics
-ONLY $449.99

Examples of developers saying MT’s are good:

•Paul Rustchynsky – Developer for Driveclub
-Game director Paul Rustchynsky addressed this concern in a recent interview with Eurogamer, calling DriveClub’s micro-transactions a “non-issue”.

-“We don’t want them to use them really,” Rustchynsky said. “We want them to play the tour and naturally progress through the cars.”

-It’s not intrusive. It’s almost invisible. It’s something we actually kind of hide a little bit.”

-It’s a system identical to that used in Evolution’s 2012 PlayStation Network game MotorStorm RC, “and there were no complaints,” Rustchynsky said. “If anything people said, ‘that’s a great way to access this content immediately.'”

-Single cars will cost from £0.25-£0.99.

•Peter Moore – CCO of EA
-EA’s chief operating officer Peter Moore has said that he believes that microtransactions and free to play – are an inevitable part of gaming’s future.

-“I think, ultimately, those microtransactions will be in every game, but the game itself or the access to the game will be free”

-“I believe that the real growth is bringing billions of people into the industry and calling them gamers. Hardcore gamers won’t like to hear this.”


Social Action Project – Pitch

Over the Christmas period we were set the task to come up with a concept or topic that will become our Social Action Project. It did take some time and a bit of planning but in the end I think I have a solid topic that I can expand on in any direction I want. The final outcome will be about how game developers are milking as much money from games as possible by adding season pass’s, paywalls, micro transactions, anything so they can get as much profit from their customers as possible. I’m hoping to make a video about this situation so I’ll have to make a script with detailed points, facts and statistics. I will also be expressing my personal opinion about this so some people will disagree with me because not everyone has the same opinion. Below is the Prezi presentation I showed Billy as I go more in depth in the matter.

The Pitch:

In recent years, the gaming industry has become very ‘money grabbing’ towards their customers and has got to the point where it’s standard for games to have a season pass and extra content after their initial launch. Almost every triple A game in the present day have a season pass unlocking more content for a small discount and even with this discount it’s still forty pounds with half the content not even revealed. Depending on the developer and the publisher, season passes and DLC can be made with care, thinking about what their customers want out of the game. But others decide that making these season passes and DLC’s to benefit them is more important than benefiting the customers. This then turns into people getting angry over the fact that they wasted their money on something they don’t like or something they were promised that they didn’t receive.

Also in recent times microtransactions have snuck into big, triple A games, allowing gamers to speed up their gaming experience by buying extra items or in-game currency. They’re thinking is as followed, people with less time on their hands can speed up their gameplay time by buying these items and currency. These are mainly put on the multiplayer side of video games which really screws over the smart people who level up without paying more money. These makes a dividing line between online players, people who level up normally and the people who pay to level up and the people who are getting killed by the high levelled players drop off because they just get killed every couple of seconds. Then this leaves the high levelled players fighting each other and any new players who join get destroyed. Microtransactions can kill online gameplay in a couple of weeks if people choose to buy these items and there are people who will and that’s why developers keep putting in microtransactions because they know they will make a profit from people who don’t have a sense of patience.

These publishers and developers add these things into the game because they just want money and we know it’s working because they haven’t taken them away yet. They will keep using them until no one buys them anymore and when that day comes they will probably find other ways to take your money. I understand they are a business and I understand they are doing this for money but there must be a better way then screwing over your customers.

In my main project, I will be exploring the most selfish ways developers are scamming their customers just to make an extra buck and I will attempt to find a better way for the developers to make more money off a game than putting in microtransactions and non-reliable season passes  to trick customers into giving more money.

Social Action Project – Black History Month

We have been looking at role models and campaign strategies for spreading awareness of different illnesses. We started off looking at different black role models in support of Black History Month. We were all given an envelope which contained a picture and a name of a black role model. I, along with a friend, got a woman called Josephine Baker who is an exotic dancer who devoted her time to protesting for Black Rights. We then went about making a promotional poster to say what she does and give an inspirational quote she has said while protesting. We now display everyone’s work of this activity on the wall at the back. This activity was to show how and why people got their word out, made their opinions clear to change a matter for the better or for the worst.WP_20170111_15_09_18_Pro.jpg

All we had when beginning our research was a name, which from there we could look up a backstory, images, quotes, anything that can help us to why we were given this name. In her early life she became an exotic dancer at the age of 19 in 1925 and stared in her first film, ‘Siren of the Tropics’, in 1927. She then stared in 2 other films, ‘Zouzou’ in 1934 and ‘Princess Tam Tam’ in 1935. During World War 2, when France responded to Germany invading Poland by declaring war, Josephine was recruited into the Deuxième Bureau, a French Military Intelligence, as an ‘honourable correspondent’. She went undercover to parties where Nazi leaders were being entertained. She would get as much information about Nazi plans as possible to send back to the Allies and use them as a weapon.

After the war she became a Civil Rights Activist as she was rejected by 36 hotels in New York so she decided to do something about it. She spoke about this matter in a Miami Club but was given hate in return from the audience and started to get threatening phone calls from unknown people. She went about changing policies and started to get a reputation and soon spoke alongside Martin Luther King .Jr. As her life was coming to an end she lost her castle to unpaid debt and moved into an apartment in Monaco. Her last show in 1975 was held in Paris to honour her 50-year anniversary in show business. Her show had amazing reviews and 4 days later she was found in bed, surrounded by all the reviews, in a comatose state. She was taken to the hospital but died on 12th April 1975 at the age of 68.

I couldn’t put her life story onto the poster as we were limited in what we were allowed to say and the space we had so we gave a brief description of what she did and a quote to give the reader an idea of what type of person she was. I created this post to give evidence on researching which I will be doing in my main Social Action Project. Obviously I will need a lot more research on my chosen topic to make a structured argument when making the project but this is just a taster of what I can do.

Designing My Future

When filling out my application I had four different courses in three different places in mind. I had Falmouth University in my first and second choice with Film and Television, I then had Plymouth University as my third choice with their Film and Television course and then I had Plymouth College of Art as my forth option with their film course. As you can see I’m hoping to go into the industry of media and through these Universities I could gain knowledge to pitch and make films with the contacts the Universities have with people who are higher up.

I have a couple of reasons for Falmouth being at the top of my list and one of the big ones is how enthusiastic there were about the course at the open day. I went to a few other open days and they were very monotone about the whole thing but Falmouth was giving a lot of information about what the course will contain, their facilities and equipment (Which was amazing by the way) and things to watch and research in preparation of joining the course. They were very keen to let us use and try some of the cameras and were very open to any questions. I was also impressed with their facilities and equipment. It’s obvious they take this industry very seriously with the amount of funding they put into building their equipment stash and making their facilities as high end as possible.

Plymouth University is my third choice because of its practicality with accommodation. With Falmouth, I’ll have to find a place down there to stay but with Plymouth I can stay with my parents as its local and only a 30 minute bus journey away. With their facilities and equipment, it isn’t as high end as Falmouth but this is the first year the course will be running so maybe in the next three years they might add more to boost up their stash. But this university is on here if I don’t get into Falmouth, if I get a place on Film or Television at Falmouth then I’ll go there but if I get no other, I’ll fall back on Plymouth.

I’m currently at Plymouth College of Art which does have a very good reputation when it comes to film and television. But, and no offense to anyone reading this and working at College of Art, I’d like to leave as quickly as I can. If I stay at this College, I feel like I’m not learning new experiences. At the end of the year I would have been here for two years and staying for three more isn’t really going to help when I leave and head into the job market and adult life. If I go University then I’ll be learning how to look out for myself, learn to cook, pay rent, all the things you should know when heading into adulthood. But this is my last resort so there’s a chance I won’t be attending this college for the next three years.

After Uni Plan

Oh boy, here we go. I just left University, I have my diploma in my hands, what the hell am I going to do?!? I have a few choices ahead of me which are achievable in my eyes. I’ll list them from most achievable to not so achievable.

The first plan is to join a local film or television company like the BBC. I’ll either stay down in the South West or head up to London and attempt to get a job as a cameraman, editor or director.

My second plan is to start up my own film company and make films through that and slowly build it so I can hire people and grow as a business. This way I have the freedom to creatively do what I want and choose which direction I want the company to go in.

My third plan is to join an American film company named Rooster Teeth who do mainly gaming content but also do live action content like short films. I’ve been watching their content on Youtube and on their website for years now and feel like I could be a part of their team in Austin, Texas. This does mean going over to America and finding a place to stay which is more difficult than in the UK.

My Personal Statement Review

I started off writing my personal statement by listing all the things that I had done with some sort of link to Universities, Film and any charity work I have done to show that I can commit to something and be happy to help with different types of work. I wanted to show how passionate I am about Film and to show how much I have put towards it. I didn’t want to put anything in here that I couldn’t live up to, I wanted everything in my personal statement to be me and everything in there that I promise doable. I showed I did charity work to show that I’m productive because they are looking for people who are willing to use their time for other people.

Overall I tried to show that I’m a productive person, attempting to complete as much work as possible to gain experience and knowledge. This is true about my at some points, sometimes I procrastinate but if I hide that part of me, be awake and get the work done, the me in the personal statement will shine.